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 A snapshot of our client's experience

Thank you to Interior Transport for their caring and compassion as they helped with relocating my mother to a care home in Trail from Penticton. Professional and informative, would recommend this service.

Debbie W

I highly recommend Interior Medical Transport.  I recently used their services round trip from Trail to Nelson for a medical procedure. It was a great experience and relaxing to travel with a professional who understands your health needs. They were professional, helpful and thoughtful.  I think they are a great addition to our area and can provide peace of mind when travelling during a time you feel vulnerable. I would not hesitate using their services again. Thank you.

Jamie C.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend this company. They handled my mother’s transport in difficult weather conditions and kept us updated. They are highly professional and had the skills to keep my anxious mom comfortable. We are grateful for their expertise and compassion. A huge Thank you from our family, 

Linda W.


I wish to thank Chris and his partner for the exceptional service to my sister on the trip from Oliver to Comox, B. C.  My sister was treated like a very special person. I sincerely thank them and would recommend them to anyone.

Harrold S.


Thank you Tabatha and Roger for transporting my husband this week! They came to Vancouver General Hospital to pick him up within 24 hours, even after hitting a road closure due to a snow storm. You brought him home safely and comfortably to our home in Fruitvale and I couldn’t be more thankful for your service!

Sherri K.

Excellent service! The crew at Interior Medical Transport handled the logistics to safely transport my Mom including travelling as a night transport so she could sleep on the way.  Highly recommended.

Doug L.



Transport from the Coast to the Okanagan,

Huge thanks for a job well done with care and consideration, as well as, style and professionalism. Sighs of relief came as you walked me through the process and took on the task of orchestrating the transport for my ninety-one year old Aunt.

So this is how it all went down........ after 7 months of waiting, in a Burnaby Care Home, for a bed in the Interior of BC, the phone call came through with a bed available in Vernon. The request from the Access coordinator was, do you still want it?  Can she make the move a.s.a.p. Please arrive at the destination preferably by Thursday or Friday and no later in the day than 1pm. Luckily we were visiting with her when the call came. My Aunt was keen and excited for this new adventure, moving back to a town she had once lived in, with family and friends nearby. The anxiety came later as she processed the practicality of travelling there and the unknown of the new facility.The Access coordinator directed me to contact the Burnaby Home's social worker.

The present care home did not have a social worker or do this sort of transport but the Care Coordinator found Interior Medical Transport Ambulance Service on-line and passed along the link. I called and immediately spoke with Chris who put me at ease and walked me through the whole process. He forwarded a quote early that evening, and by bedtime my Aunt could rest easy knowing that she would be cared for by qualified personnel for her travels to the Vernon facility. I was much relieved by the knowledge that this was not an overwhelming task for these experienced individuals.

The next day Chris made the contact with both facilities, sorted out departure and arrival times, also details that even offered me tracking of the ambulance during the transport.

On arrival in Burnaby and first meeting with my Aunt to pick her up they made her feel calm, and cared for. When my Aunt questioned leaving her borrowed wheelchair behind they phoned to clarify and then she, assured me that she was in good hands.

Transport for my Aunt was a lovely chat and a new-felt freedom of being out on  an adventure, an experience lost since Pandemic lockdown. Travel break for a meal or scenic views was offered but patient personal needs were her priority and they honored that request, even notifying the facility in Vernon of the patient's need and early arrival. For my 91year old Aunt, she had nothing but praise for the charming and caring gentlemen that toured her in style to her new home.

This experience with the Interior Transport team right from the first inquiry was the most professional, genuinely caring and organized team I have dealt with. Keep up the good work. You blessed us both.

Many Thanks,

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